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Guy New York is a bestselling erotica author and publisher with more than 30 titles to his name. With two full length novels, numerous short works, and a thousand free stories on his blog Quickies in New York, his books have been widely read and occasionally burned.

You can find all of his books here, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He also runs a dirty bookstore at 

Punishing Alice now on iTunes, Google, and Kobo

I’m slowly trying to get my books up on more platforms than just Amazon. It’s a lot of work, but very rewarding. I’m also taking the time to do another edit, update the covers, and create better-formatted e-books.

The newest to go live cross platform is Punishing Alice, my kinky little homage to babysitter smut. There’s some spanking, some D/S, and some super hot sex. At least I think so.

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The Dirtiest, Sexiest, and Most Twisted Show You’re Probably Not Watching

A few weeks back I was sick with the flu and spent nearly ten days in bed. While I mostly slept, caught up on some reading, and slept some more, I did find myself falling into Amazon/Starz new show Flesh and Bone. Haven’t heard of it? That’s not really a surprise.

Flesh and Bone is ostensibly about dancers, ballerinas more specifically, at a company here in New York. I say ostensibly because unlike Mozart in the Jungle, the art form is more of a backdrop than the main course. There are some beautiful dance scenes, and the cast is mostly comprised of professional ballet dancers, but as far as the plot, it’s simply a clever device to follow a bunch of half naked men and women about as they do all sorts of fucked up things.

Nude dressing room scene from Flesh and Bone.

Naked ballet dancers just being naked in the dressing room.

So, what makes it hot and creepy and twisted all at the same time? Well, there’s a major incest plot line that’s far more complex than it first appears. And alongside the casual nakedness of the dressing room, Clair’s (the main character) roommate has more sex on screen than almost anyone I’ve ever seen. And none of that is to diminish the amount of gay sex which is fairly explicit, and at least one scene which is less than consensual.

In a serious drama all of those themes might feel complicated, difficult to watch, or offensive, but in this soap opera of an excuse for soft core pornography, I found I could roll with the punches and enjoy the creepy sex for what it was. My emotional investment was just enough to keep me interested, without making me horribly upset when bad things happened to characters I like. Which for me, is a rare and delicate balance that both surprised and enticed me.

It is clearly not a show for everyone, but if you enjoy typically taboo erotica (incest, non-con, big age differences, anal, etc.) or you simply fetishize ballet dancers (the women are hot, but the men my god) then I suspect you’ll enjoy this delightful bit of trash, cliches and all.

Here are a few more screenshots, which only dip into the amount of nudity and sex this show has to offer. It’s available to Amazon Prime members for free.

Flesh and Bone sex scene

Claire walking in on roommate having sex on the couch.


Claire in a hotel room with a donor to the Ballet.

Sarah Hay looking at her naked boy in the mirror from Flesh and Bone.

Claire looking at her naked boy in the mirror.


Clarie’s roommate Mia getting in over her head.



Dirty Prints, Pillows, and Shower Curtains

Finding Love in the Shower, an erotic short story on a shower curtain.

Yesterday I started playing around over at Society6, and I ended up making a few items with some of my more popular dirty stories on them. It’s a lovely site, and they produce really beautiful products, mostly by incredibly talented artists.

So, if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Self, I’d like a shower curtain with a dirty story on it, or maybe a throw pillow with some hardcore smut to impress and show my dinner guests,” then now is your chance!

You can see all the products in my store, but here are a few of my favorites. 

A throw pillow with the text to the erotic short story, "I Didn't Bother With Her Dress" from Quickies in New York. A framed print of the erotic short story "Like Teenagers Who Don't Fuck" by Guy New York.

Cuckold and Hotwife Erotica: Maria’s Daughter

iphone-porn(This is from a work in progress, currently untitled. It will be a 100-page novella or so when it’s finished.) 

“What did I miss?” Maria asked, sitting down with the next bottle of wine.

“Nothing,” we said at the same time. My wife stared at me and shook her head before pouring another round. I downed close to half my glass in one gulp, hoping the distraction might help. Liza turned and looked out at the view, marveling at its beauty. She had been in complete awe the first time her mother brought her over, and it was hard to argue with her. The house was beautiful, the pool crystal clear, and the view of the mountains and valleys impossible to beat. What can I say? I worked hard, but nowhere close to as hard as my father had. Growing up it had been our summer home, but now? There was no point in living anywhere else.

We sat talking and drinking, the music piped out through the speakers hidden around the yard. The conversation managed not to move back to sex, thankfully, but it was still difficult for me to stay focused. All three of us were facing the view, with me in the middle, and the more we all drank, the less I worried. Finally. Liza was teasing me, and it was fun, but that was all it would be. Besides, in another day or two, she would get obsessed with something else and leave me alone.

I didn’t notice the first time Liza bumped me on purpose. I thought she had just moved and hit me by accident, because the idea of anything else, especially with her mother sitting right there, just hadn’t crossed my mind. I looked over at her quizzically to see her smile and look down. Following her gaze, I saw her cell phone in her hand between us, shielded from Maria by my body and the table. Pulled up on the screen was a picture of my stepdaughter in a hotel room wearing just a bikini bottom. I had seen her naked in the pool just the day before, but there was something about the picture that felt far filthier. Maybe it was the room or the lighting, but I smiled and cringed, before looking back at my wife.

A few moments later Liza coughed and this time I didn’t need the hint. I looked down once more and this time the photo was of her, completely naked, lying on the bed in the same room. Her legs were spread wide and it was the most explicit thing I had seen in ages. Using only her thumb, she deftly scrolled to the next picture, and I couldn’t look away. Whoever was holding the camera had climbed onto the bed and straddled her with his cock now clearly in the shot. The fourth picture was her perfect mouth wrapped around him, and I had to struggle not to grab the phone from her hand.

I looked back out at the sunset and took a sip of wine as Maria began asking us what we wanted for dinner.

“I’m starving,” Liza said. “I can’t remember the last time I had a good meal.”

The next photo showed her with his cock buried completely within her throat, and I had to adjust myself beneath the table.

“We could just order Chinese,” Maria said. “I’m getting too tipsy to cook anything, and we gave Leah the night off. Marc, just order on your phone. You know what we all like, don’t you?”

“Um, sure,” I muttered, pulling my own phone out.

“Let me look too,” Liza said, leaning in and looking over my shoulder. “I’m actually really hungry. I feel like I haven’t been really stuffed in forever.”

Of course, I turned, and there on her lap–her phone bright and clear–was the picture I had been desperately wishing for. Her legs were open wide, the man with the camera was between them, and his thick cock was inside her. For a moment, I didn’t notice the arrow on the screen, but then she tapped it and I was done. The video started, the sound thankfully off, and I was watching it for the first time. There, on the screen, was my stepdaughter getting seriously fucked on a hotel bed by a man I didn’t know. I tried to focus on my order, but the time was running out and I was hoping for a finish. I was practically praying for him to come, but just as he pulled out, his fist a blur above her, the movie ended and the screen turned black…

Reviews of Susanna’s Affairs

Guy, as always, weaves a surprisingly believable tale of sex and relationships. The action hits that best-of-both-worlds zone, where it is fantastic enough to thrill without leaving the realm of the plausible.
– Justin on Amazon (five-star review)
Sexy and intruiging and beautifully built up. The finale is exquisite and tormenting. I have No idea how Guy manages to write such love and beauty into his smut.

MMF: Threesomes, hotwives, cuckolds, cheaters, open relationships, and just good old sharing

If you’ve been following my writing for a while, or even if you’ve only read a story or two, chances are good that you’ve noticed I really like threesomes with two guys and a girl (MMF). I’ve written about it personally, fictionally, and in short stories and full-length novels. In fact, if I have a common denominator between my wide array of erotica genres and kinks, it’s probably that.

It may help that the first time I kissed a boy there was a girl right next to us kissing my ear and telling me how hot it was to watch. And maybe it doesn’t hurt that during my freshman year of college I had at least three experiences with a girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) and a good male friend. Some of which were hot, some a little awkward, and some just downright amazing. In fact, I suspect that my overwhelmingly positive experiences with threesomes (which I’ve been told is odd) definitely helped.

But what is it about a threesome that does it for me, and what specifically is it about MMF that works the best (nothing against FFM, those can also be super fun too)?

It’s easiest to say that it just ticks all my buttons: voyeurism, exhibitionism, jealousy, and slutty women. I don’t mean to imply that a girl who sleeps with two men at the same time is a slut, but it’s often a kink that comes up in those settings, and many of the women I’ve been with have expressed how decadent and naughty it feels to fuck two men at once. It does often make them feel dirty and greedy in a way that is profoundly enticing.

As a bisexual man, it’s also fun having another guy there to mess around with. And I love the expression on a woman’s face who is totally getting off on watching me with another man. But I suspect there’s also a part of it that feels like I’m participating in porn. As a guy watching straight porn, it’s in many ways already an MMF. And when it’s happening in person, when I’m sitting next to a girl who’s getting fucked hard by a friend, it’s just like watching a good movie except I get to participate as well.

I’d be curious to hear other people’s thoughts on why they find that situation hot because I’m sure there are as many reasons as there are people. Maybe you like to pretend she’s cheating on you, or maybe you love the feeling of being wanted by two men who are willing to share. Maybe you get off on giving a woman exactly what she wants, and maybe you feel like a filthy slut letting two men take turns using you. And, of course, it’s also possible that you just enjoy all the love and silliness that can come with a beautiful threesome with kind and caring people.

As I put together my latest collections (aptly titled MMF) I found that I had more reasons than I could count. So instead, I put them all together into one 167 page book. From cuckolds and hotwives to romantic encounters and even some non-consent kink, the book is full of men and women who desire each other in that beautiful combination.

I hope you might pick up a copy of the book, and I’d also love to hear your thoughts about it. Feel free to leave a comment, drop me a note on Tumblr, or send me an email.

You can see the cover of the new book below, and while it’s only on iBooks as of this morning, it should be at a bunch more retailers soon. Click the cover (or here) to visit the book page and to read more.


(Cover photo by The Dirty Gentleman)

Publishing on Pronoun

I’ve recently started playing with the self-publishing platform Pronoun, and so far I’m really liking it. I created an author page, added a few books from Amazon, and then just this morning I published a new collection of short stories about MMF threesomes, which I think is super fucking hot.

The interface is incredibly pretty, very easy to use, and streamlines the production process better than most I’ve seen. And most importantly they have great data around keywords and metadata, especially as it relates to Amazon. Which means they help you choose the best phrases and words so that people can actually find your books.

You can read about how they do it on their site here, and it’s worth a read. 

You can see my screenshots of both the coming soon page for my new book and my author page below, both of which are done pretty much automatically and look fantastic. If you want to visit them for a better look here are the links:

Pronoun Author Page: Guy New York

Pronoun Coming Soon Book Page: MMF

All in all, I’m very impressed. I’ll keep you posted about how the rest of the process goes, but right now I’m just waiting for the new book to go live on Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and B&N, all with the click of just one button. Very cool.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.41.17 AM

Here’s my author page on Pronoun

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 9.41.27 AM

Here’s the coming soon page for my new collection of MMF stories.


Kissing Boys, Coming Out as a Bisexual Man

An article I wrote a while back was recently published over on QUEER/ish, a new Medium based site for queer voices and stories. It’s a personal story of my own sexual discovery, and I hope you might head over and have a read. And once you’ve finished, take a look at some of their other delightful articles. I think you’ll find some engaging, thought-provoking, and pretty powerful stuff.

View story at


Couples that Porn Together


couple kiss laptop“Okay, this one is kinda creepy in a good way, but the voices are horrible,” she said. She hit play and I watched a girl climb into her “step-father’s” bed and slowly start to seduce him. We only listened to two lines of dialog before turning the sound off, but it was enough to set the scene. They were young and cute, and of course, he had a huge dick that he didn’t really hesitate to fuck his “step-daughter” with in spite of his initial protests.

“This one is kinda gross and kinda hot,” I said when hers was done. I turned my laptop so she could watch the video I had found the night before when I couldn’t sleep.

“Ugh, that is gross. But yeah, kinda hot,” she said. I kissed her cheek as we leaned in closer, the bright screens on our laps full of more images of cocks, cunts, come, and perfect manicures. She showed me another as I scrolled through the dirtier side of my tumblr dashboard, and the images we somehow less important than the sharing.

“Would you suck that cock?” she asked, and I only nodded.

“Would you go down on that girl?” I asked, and she looked at me like I didn’t know her. “Obviously.”

But then the laptops were on the floor next to the bed, and our hands were all over ourselves and each other as we stayed lost in the neon glow of impossible naked bodies. I was already hard, but still I jerked myself off as she pushed the covers down so both of us could watch. Each scene–perverted in its own way–played through my head as we kissed, and when I climbed between her legs I couldn’t settle on one story.

“I’m thinking about everything at the same time. I want to go down on my little sister after her date, and then I want to fuck you as you tell me daddies aren’t supposed to do that. I want to break into the apartment and cover your mouth as you scream, and I want to watch you in the bath with that girl with pink hair.”

“Daddies aren’t supposed to fuck their little girls,” she whispered, her hand guiding me inside her before I could even start to tease.

“But you’re my little girl, aren’t you?” I asked, instantly letting the rest of them fall away. “I own this pretty little mouth and these perfect little tits, and this tight cunt belongs all to me, isn’t that right?”

“Oh god,” she moaned, as I fucked her faster, her arms now pinned above her head. “Yes, Daddy. It’s all yours. All of me belong just to you.”

And then our words stopped as we kissed and moaned, the poetic side to our sex replaced by the sweat and come as fucked on our bed in our warm and cozy apartment. I could see nothing but her eyes as I thrust into her, and she scratched her nails down my back in perfect symmetry. When she started to come she said the words we don’t share, and I kissed her again as I felt myself follow quickly behind her.

And then, in the darkness, the laptops gone, the games vanished, and the words that are better than toys put away, we held hands as we looked up at the ceiling, our chests rising and falling as our hearts beat to the same rhythm.