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Guy New York is a bestselling erotica author and publisher with more than 25 titles to his name. With two full length novels, numerous short works, and a thousand free stories on his blog Quickies in New York, his books have been widely read and occasionally burned.

You can find all of his books here, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He also runs a dirty bookstore at 

All My Erotica

Lots of people have been writing recently and asking which of my books they might like best. This is awesome and amazing, and I love you all for asking. With that, I hope you don’t mind if I share a quick list of my books based on some themes. I hope this helps narrow down your choices (in case you don’t want to buy all 28 of them).


Fucked up, twisted, and a little dark:

The Ortolan Hunters

The Yes Rule

Caught in The Act


Daddy Stuff:

Disgusting Beautiful Immoral

Driving Lisa

For Love of Daddy (This is only on the Nook since Amazon banned it. If you’re sneaky you can probably find it on Literotica too)


Poly Books:

The Island on the Edge of Normal (one of my two full length novels)


Love & Kink


Schoolgirl stuff:

Camping with the Guys

Anything for an A

Punishing Alice


Hotwife/Cuck stuff:

The Places They Come

Watching My Wife

All the Groom’s Men


Gay Stuff:


Chicks are for Fags

Fifty Shades of Gay



Disgusting Beautiful Immoral

The Island on the Edge of Normal


QNY Collections:

Dirty Bedtime Stories

Tales of New York (more trippy than dirty)

Simply Smut

The Complete QNY (if you love the blog and want the full collection in one big ass print book this is the one)


How to:

Write ‘Till You’re Hard: The Best Guide to Writing Erotica Ever



32 Poems About My Penis (yes I actually wrote this book and no don’t ask me why)



A Very Sexy Christmas


Whew! I think that’s it!


Thanks again for asking, for reading, and for buying my books! You all are the best.

The Worst Writing Advice Ever

typewritterI’m going to give you some really bad advice that I nonetheless stand behind. It’s pretty straightforward so I’ll just say it first and then explain more. If you’re going to follow it no matter what, then you can skip the rest of the article and just go do you. Here it is:

Write a book and publish it. Don’t do anything else. In fact, don’t even finish this article. Just write and publish. That’s it.

Okay, if you’re still here, then here’s a list of just some of the things other people will tell you to do: hire an editor, pay for a cover, run spell check, pitch agents, look for publishers, create an author site, submit to magazines or anthologies, build a brand, and a million other things you need to do in order to be a real writer. Don’t do any of them. (If you must pick one, do the spell check thing.)

Here’s a thing I know about myself: I’m good at stopping. If there’s a roadblock in the way, I’m perfectly happy to pull over, drink some coffee, and forget where I was going. If you’re a writer, chances are you do the same thing. How many novels are you sitting on because nobody liked it or you couldn’t sell it? How many short stories do you have that need editing, a cover, a publisher, or a diaper change?

The truth is that in order to be a published author all you need to do is write something and submit it to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. That’s it. You literally don’t need to do anything else at all! I know it sounds ridiculous, but I promise you that all those people out there telling you what to do and how to be successful can’t guarantee your success any more than I can. All they can promise is more work and less writing.

One of the biggest myths going around, especially about self-publishing, is that your book needs to be well edited in order to sell copies. People say it left and right, but when asked to back it up with numbers, the truth often comes out: good books don’t sell much better than bad ones. At the end of the day a book should be well edited for the sake of art, not commerce. And while art is a perfectly valid reason, it’s still a choice you get to make without threatening the end of the world.

There are plenty of best selling books that are poorly edited. You can think of a few I’m sure, and just going through the top-ten lists on Amazon will make it pretty clear what readers think of good editing. Maybe it’s tragic, maybe it’s sad, but it is what it is, and arguing that it’s what sells books is disingenuous.

But here’s the larger point I’m making: write a book, publish it, and then write another one. When you decide you want to do better, find a beta reader. When you want to make the next jump, then hire someone to make a beautiful cover before you upload a new book. Try asking a friend to proof something for you. But go at your own pace and don’t worry at all about what anyone else thinks. Keep writing, keep publishing, and keep trying.

If you’re still reading it’s most likely because you’re angry and agree with my assessment that this is terrible advice. And maybe it is if your only goal is to be a great writer or a well renowned one (although I’m still not convinced). Success on the other hand doesn’t give a shit about any of it. You will most likely publish some horrible things, I surely have. But there’s no reason to be afraid of writing a bad book. In fact, there’s probably some good reasons to do so, the first being how much you’ll learn from the experience. And no amount of editing will make a pile of shit any better.

We all have a different process, and we all need different things to make art, or in this case books. And for some of us it’s simply to keep going. If you need to remove the roadblocks that so often get in your way before you can keep writing, then I’m here to tell you that’s okay. Fuck the roadblocks. Go around them, ignore them, or drive right through them, because the reality is surprisingly simple:

All you need to do to write a book is write it. And all you need to do to publish one is publish it.

And I bet you can do that.

Driving Lisa: Five stars!

tumblr_oa82vz35WA1qzd94lo1_1280“Kudos to the author. I’ve been reading his stories for years and this is hands down the hottest thing I’ve read of his (and I’ve read some really great smut from him). Show him your “interests” and he’s sure to please, so even if this plot doesn’t grab you, go find something that will. But try this book. It’s short (though you’ll be taking a few breaks…), creative and extraordinarily sexy. You’ll find kinks you didn’t know you had.” – J.M. five star Amazon review.

New Erotica! Driving Lisa


Yesterday I published a new book called Driving Lisa! It’s a classic tale of a step-father driving his new step-daughter to college, discovering they share a bunch of kinks, pushing boundaries, falling in love, and fucking their brains out. You get the idea.

You can find it on Amazon here, but here’s a little snippet from the book to get you going this morning:

“So?” I asked, looking back at her with a grin. “What are you going to tell me?”

“Oh, it was nothing,” Lisa said, turning to face me more fully. “Just that I was being honest. I didn’t make out with the kid last night. Just his dad.”

“Now you’re fucking with me,” I said, my dreams coming back in a flash. I had pictured her with the damn kid and his bad hair, but this was a different thing. Suddenly Lisa was naked next to a grown man and it was a whole new ball game. If I didn’t focus on the road I was going to have to explain the bulge in my pants. What the fuck was wrong with me?

“It wasn’t anything serious. He walked me back to the room so he could get the robe back without making me walk half naked through the hallways late at night. And then he just kissed me outside the door.”

“You’re serious,” I said. “How old was the guy?”

“I don’t know,” she said with a grin. “Probably your age. Maybe a little younger, it was hard to tell with his hands all over me.”

“I thought it was just a kiss.”

“Do you really want to know? I realize we don’t know each other all that well, but I can be kind of blunt. And I don’t want to upset you.”

“You’re not going to upset me,” I said, wondering if I should have stopped it there. I probably should have pretended it would bother me, but of course that’s not what I did. Instead I kept putting my foot in my mouth, my curiosity as strong as everything else.

“We kissed for a little bit, but when I went to give him the robe back, he just stared at me. It was kind of amazing actually. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone oggle me as blatantly as that guy did. I thought he was going to leave, or maybe pass out, but instead he kissed me again, this time with his hands all over me. I was so worried we were going to wake you up.”

“That’s intense, Lisa,” I said. “Were you okay? I mean, did he do anything you didn’t want him to do?”

“Not really. I mean, I was a little surprised when he slid his hand inside my bikini bottoms, but it wasn’t bad.”

“Oh god,” I said, before I could stop myself. When I turned to look at her, she was cross legged on the seat, and her tiny shorts didn’t do much to cover her.

“Did I say something?” she said, her voice raised in mock concern. “I mean, all I meant was that I didn’t expect him to finger me right there in the hallway, but it still felt good. He knew what he was doing, and even though it only lasted a minute or two, I was so worked up I couldn’t stand it. I had to make myself come in the shower before I could sleep. God, it was hot. I can’t believe I just told you that.”

“That was more than I expected,” I said, trying to keep my eyes on the road as I pictured the older man pushing her against the door with his fingers inside her bathing suit. And then I realized that I had listened to her in the shower when she thought I was sleeping. She had made herself come just eight feet away from me, and I couldn’t get it out of my head…

Buy the book here!


Private Tours: New Erotica!

private-tours-nyc-coverI just published a new book called Private Tours: NYC. It’s about a tour guide who brings his charge on a private tour of the city, stopping to get frisky in famous locations. It started out somewhat silly, and turned intense, hot, and I think rather beautiful as I worked on it.

Jennifer is a lovely woman going through a tough breakup when she hires Javier to show her a good time. She’s written out her fantasies in advance, so he knows exactly what she’s looking for and how to provide it, including a gloriously hot threesome in the middle.

The book it on Amazon here! Private Tours: NYC

Here’s an excerpt:

Atop the Empire State Building, Javier kissed the back of her neck, his one hand sliding down to a thigh before rising once more beneath her dress. She arched her back, turning her head, and kissed him on the mouth. He didn’t grope her or manhandle her, instead he gently teased, his fingers toying with the elastic of her underwear as much as her skin. Her breath left her body in a long slow sigh, and she settled into the feeling of a warm hard body behind her. He felt strong and he felt good. Most importantly, high up in the sky, with the city stretched out below her, she felt ready.

“Would you fuck me right here?” she suddenly asked, feeling her cheeks flush.

“It would be challenging,” he said, looking left and then right. There were people all around them, their I Love New York t-shirts bright and dirty at the same time. “But that’s not a no.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” she asked, pushing harder into him as she pictured it in her mind. She imagined him lifting her dress, pulling his cock from his trousers and simply sliding inside her as the tourists watched in shock. It was laughable, but also so hot she almost told him to do it. Just as the images were the strongest, his fingers slipped inside her panties once more to find her soft and wet. He circled her clit as he kissed the back of her neck, his lips almost hot against her skin.

“I would fuck you here and then again in the elevator. In the cab, in the park, at dinner, I don’t care who might see us. I want you so badly I can hardly stand it. Just touching you is almost enough to make me come.”

“You better not,” she teased, as his fingers continued working their magic between her legs. “At least not until you take me. Not until I get to feel you inside me first. Fuck, this is driving me crazy.”

She stepped away for a moment, turning to face him instead. He smiled and looked down as if to say he couldn’t be blamed for wanting her. As if to say it wasn’t his fault she was so beautiful. Jenny leaned back against the railing, looking at the other visitors more than the sites, and then she was done. As much as the loved the teasing, it was time for more. It was time for something she hadn’t had in far too long.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said, stepping close to him. “I need you inside me, and there are too many people here. Let’s go somewhere slightly less crowded. Or at least somewhere no one will care.”

“I think I can arrange that,” he said, walking her back to the elevator. He waved a card over the panel next to the door, and it opened once more, letting them into their own private room. As soon as the door closed, she was on him, kissing his lips before quickly falling to her knees.

New Project:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 4.58.31 PMI have a new project and it’s just getting off the ground. It’s a curated erotica site with ten categories, each with no more than ten dirty books. I’m still flushing it out, and I’m looking for help!

It currently lives at

Do you have a dirty book you’d like to promote? Send it over! Do you write reviews of dirty books that you’d be comfortable with me sharing? Send them too! I’ll link back to your blog along with your bio and a listing on the site.

It’s a fun project, but one that takes a lot of work. I really want to find great books to share that are both enjoyable and hot. From classics to taboo, queer, and kinky erotica, I want it all. I just want to make sure it’s great!

Drop me a note in comments or email if you’d like your book listed, or have a review to share.

quickienewyork at gmail is my email.

Fucked Up Erotica: Excerpt from the Yes Rule


Click the cover to buy the full book!

Here’s one of gayer scenes from The Yes Rule. Jane has decided that she wants to see her boyfriend get fucked, and she quickly finds two gentleman who are up for the task. She brings him to his parents bedroom, undresses him, and well, you know…

“Jack, take off you clothes,” she said. I didn’t pause. For my love, I would do anything, and hesitation wasn’t an option. She had been such a dream earlier in the day letting me fuck her mother’s mouth, and the last thing I wanted now was to fuck something up. I folded my clothes on the chair by the bed and stood there staring at the men, who were now grinning with a look that was more than friendly.

“Jack, why don’t you kneel and get these nice men hard so they can fuck you. Be a good boy.” The more she spoke the more confident she became, and I quickly knelt by the foot of the bed. She moved the men towards me, and seconds later I was looking up at two cocks twitching in front of my face. I reached up with two hands and took them both, squeezing with curiosity.

“Don’t play,” Jane said. “Suck.”

I opened my mouth on the bald one first, and he let out a moan as I felt him twitch in my hand. His cock was thick and salty, and he grew hard almost instantly. I wrapped my hand around the base and tried as best as I could to fit it all in my mouth. I gasped and choked, and the men laughed as they watched me struggling. I moved to the next one to find he was jerking himself off in quick motions. When I finally sucked him he got harder and bigger, until I found myself with a cock so large I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

“You don’t have to be gentle with him. This isn’t a fucking love fest. This little boy is here to suck cock and get fucked, do you understand?”

“You’re a mean little bitch,” the tall one said as he grabbed me by the hair and started to fuck my face. I tried to pull away, but he held me firmly, slamming his dick into my mouth.

“Thank you,” Jane said, standing on her tiptoes and kissing him on the cheek. “I try to be nice, but it’s hard sometimes. He really is a sweetheart you know. And he’s never so much as had a finger in his ass before tonight. I can’t wait!” She clapped her hands as tears started to pour from my eyes.

The bald one pulled me over to him and forced his cock back into my mouth. Both of the men were moaning now as I tried my best not to throw up. Jane leaned in next to me to get a closer look, and I could tell she longed to reach out and touch them as well.

“Christ, with that cock, I wish I was the one getting fucked in the ass tonight,” she said with a sigh. The tall man grinned and patted her on the head.

“Sorry kid, you’re not my type.”

“Couldn’t you just fake it for now? I mean, I’m sure my ass is just as tight as his.”

“I’d know, sweetie. I’d wake up tomorrow and wonder what I had done. I couldn’t live with myself.” He grinned at her, and it was all I could do to focus on the cock in my mouth.

“Okay, I think he’s ready, don’t you? I mean, look how hard he got just from sucking your dicks.”

“I think your boyfriend might be a little faggot after all,” the bearded man said, pulling me up by the hair and pushing me onto the bed. “Look at that dick all hard and throbbing. You like sucking our cocks, bitch?” he asked.

I nodded as I stared at them, and Jane was furious with glee. She jumped up and down and clapped her hands as one of the men rolled me over on the bed.

“On your knees,” she said, pushing me back towards them. I looked up into her eyes and they were glowing. I could see the men moving behind me, but I couldn’t tell at all what was happening. They talked quietly to themselves, and then suddenly there was a hand on my ass. A second later I felt something press into my me, and one of the men grunted as he pushed against me. At first it was just a slippery finger pushing into me, coating me with more lube than I had ever used for anything. And then it was something else.

“Fuck he’s tight,” he said, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t tell which one it was.

“Do, it,” Jane squealed. “Fucked his ass hard. Don’t be gentle with him. Fuck him now.”

And then suddenly pain shot through my body as a hard cock was rammed fully inside me all at once. There was no time to think as he started to move, thrusting in and out of me, and I bit my arm to keep from screaming. There was nothing gentle about how he fucked me, and the tears in my eyes now flowed easily. My cock twitched as he fucked, and in the middle of all the pain was something I had never felt before. From deep inside my body there was a sensation that was completely new and incredibly intense. My body was on fire, and the pain was real, but in the middle of it all were waves of pleasure like I had never felt…

You can read the whole thing by buying the book!

New Dirty Books in Print!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.49.46 AMI really love holding dirty books in paper. There’s just something more powerful about actually owning a filthy book. It shows commitment and it shows affection. It shows that you’re not embarrassed, not ashamed, and completely connected.

Also, it’s a whole lot more fun sharing a dirty book when it’s made out of paper.

On a side note, when you buy an e-book you’re really just licensing it. Which means Amazon or B&N or whomever can simply take it back at any point. You don’t really own a damn thing. It’s convenient and it’s easy, but it’s always good to remember that it’s also pretty ephemeral. 

You can find both dirty books on my Amazon page.

Pill X

Pills X: The Day they found a cure for everythingThis book was a fun concept for an erotica novel, it sets the stage for promiscuous behavior and inhibited adults. We meet students, teachers, bosses and assistants along with business clients and of course strangers. All of whom are doing it with each other and in some cases everyone. Wild, wicked short. If it had a sequel I read that too. Lots of fun scenarios and flirting with taboos. -Luv, Four Star Amazon Review