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Guy New York is a bestselling erotica author and publisher with more than 25 titles to his name. With two full length novels, numerous short works, and a thousand free stories on his blog Quickies in New York, his books have been widely read and occasionally burned.

You can find all of his books here, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. He also runs a dirty bookstore at 

Two Dirty Books now on iTunes

Looks like I finally got two of my books up on Apple’s iBooks! You can now find DBI here: Disgusting Beautiful Immoral – Guy New York

And the Island on the Edge of Normal here.

All the Erotica and Smut I wrote in 2016

I mentioned over on QNY that I wrote and published 8 books this past year, and you can see them all below! I’m proud of them and myself for working hard and getting out so much smut, and I hope you’ll pick one up if you haven’t already.

So, without further ado, here are the books I wrote this year from most recent to the first. Clicking on the title will send you to Amazon:

The Queen’s Gentleman: Takes place in a fantasy world and follows Finn, a professional sex worker in Whiskytown who gets quickly caught up in a political scandal after being hired for a scene with vast implications. Some MMF, bi guys, butt stuff, MFF, oral, and humor. At least I think it’s funny.

Susanna’s Affairs: My little homage to Emmanuel, this is a stylized book taking place in New York in the 1960s, and it follows a married woman who is in a very open relationship. Susanna returns to the city after the summer in the country, only to meet a mysterious man on the train whom she quickly becomes obsessed with. More bi guys, lots of threesomes and foursomes, unsafe sex to say the least, and a ridiculous edging orgy at the end which is super intense. Also it’s kinda romantic if you ask me.

Driving Lisa: A 40-something ends up driving his new stepdaughter across country so she can start school at NYU. It quickly becomes obvious that he loves watching her, she loves teasing, and together they get themselves into a bunch of dirty trouble. Obviously there’s a stepdad kink going on along with mild cuck stuff and voyeurism, and then some d/s as he really gets into telling her just what to do. Also some group sex of course.

Pill X College: A sequel to my book Pill X, about the day a drug company releases a pill which both cures all sexually transmitted diseases and induces a heightened libido and lowered inhibitions in everyone who takes it. Which is everyone. This one is on a college campus and has a lot more gay sex than the first one. But basically it’s an excuse for a whole lot of bareback group sex on a college campus. It’s a messy ride. Also pretty funny.

Private Tours: NYC: Maybe the most romantic–or at least sweet book–I wrote this year. It follows a woman who leaves her unhappy marriage and comes to New York where she hires a handsome young man to take her on a sexy tour of the city. They’re really kind of perfect together and have a lot of naughty fun at big tourist spots. There’s also a super hot threesome and lots of public sex. It didn’t sell well, but I really like it anyway. It’s tender.

Caught in the Act: This is just a really fucked up story. In short, a guy catches his gf’s teenage daughter in bed with her bf and blackmails them into fucking him. Or in the case of her bf, getting fucked up the ass in a really toppy way, which was fun to write. It has a twist at the end, which you will probably figure out, but it’s fun all the same.

The Yes Rule: This is also a super fucked up story about a couple that decides to say yes to everything the other one asks. It gets nasty pretty fucking quickly as they keep pushing each other to do more fucked up things every day. It’s a longer read, over 100 pages, and it gets more and more messed up as it goes on. There is some incest themes, lots of unsafe sex, a whole bunch of lying and cheating, a hot little sister, group sex, gay sex, and some blood just to round it all out. A bit more intense than what I usually write, but many of you will find it hot. It’s also written more like Disgusting Beautiful Immoral than anything I’ve done in a while. For what that’s worth.

The Ortolan Hunters: This is a collection of four short stories and a novella all dealing with pretty complicated and occasionally disturbing situations. There is one funny story to round it out, but read the description on Amazon to get a full sense of them all. It ends with a delightful novella called the Day the Lights Went Out about a couple getting stuck in a hotel room during a blackout who end up trying to convince the other how horrible they are by sharing stories of their past. It’s fun, super dirty, and morally and ethically ambiguous to say the least.

And that’s it! Once again, thank you to all the amazing people who bought one of my books, and if you like my stories and haven’t picked up a longer read yet, please consider it! I make most of my living as a writer now, and since I’m self-published, every sale makes a difference.

Thanks again.

Here are the covers, all designed by me as well.


A Horrible Chaperone


Mr. B. was sleeping next to us in the tent for exactly this reason.

We were quiet, but no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and we definitely couldn’t fall asleep. They had forced us to sleep in separate sleeping bags, put a teacher in the tent with us, and waggled fingers at us while reminding us that one of us had a boyfriend who wasn’t on the trip.

But her kiss was warm in the cold and the rest was impossible. We had hiked all day through the snow, our bodies were exhausted and beaten, and we had talked. Maybe that shouldn’t be enough, but we confessed too many things to hold back. She said she was filthy and I told her I had wanted her for too long. There were secrets shared, desires extolled, and then finally just as we crawled into bed, there were promises made.

He snored beside us as we undid the zippers that cacooned us in our separate places. With the bags open, we slipped into each other’s arms, hands finding skin beneath the layers of clothing. When I got a hand between her thighs she was wet already and when she finally released me into her waiting hand, I was hard in spite of the cold.

“I want you so fucking badly,” I said, fingering her as she jerked me off with slow deliberate strokes.

“I want you too,” she moaned, kissing me again. “I don’t care that he’s here. Let him watch, just fuck me already.”

Before I could respond she leaned down and took me into her mouth, her lips opening around my cock, and for a moment I thought I might come right then. But she didn’t stay there long even as the temperature in the tent went up a hundred degrees. His eyes were still closed, but it was hard to tell about the snoring, and suddenly I didn’t care at all. He should have heard us by now, he should have stopped us by now, and if he hadn’t, then it meant only one thing.

“Do it,” she said, pushing her pants, long underwear, and panties down around her knees. She turned her back to me and leaned forward as she faced our silent teacher. “Fuck me. Just fuck me already.”

I bit the back of her neck as I pulled her hips to me, trying to part her legs enough to get closer. I held my cock in one hand as I rubbed against her, both of us no longer in control of anything. She reached back and spread her lips open, and I tried again, this time finding her entrance with ease. I groaned as I pushed forward and then it was done and I could feel her around me and nothing had ever felt better in my whole goddamn life. Her cunt was warm and wet and nothing mattered but fucking her in the cold darkness.

Her moans were quiet but distinct, and when I finally looked up his eyes were open. She leaned forward even more, and I could barely hear her whisper as she reached out with one hand.

“He’s fucking me so hard, Mr. B. He feels so fucking good.”

I watched in shock as he took her hand and brought it to his lips, sucking two fingers between them without saying a word. We didn’t stop, although I slowed down just enough to keep myself from coming. Whatever was happening, we weren’t getting thrown out of the tent let alone school. He moved quietly but deliberately as he unzipped his own sleeping bag, and it was clear what he had been doing: his cock was out and hard in his hand.

“Oh fuck that’s hot,” she said, letting him suck her fingers deeper into her mouth. “Your cock is so beautiful Mr. B.”

Before I knew what was happening he had one hand is her hair as he pushed her down, and I followed as best I could, holding onto her hips for dear life. I slipped out of her, and just as I tried to reconnect, I was stopped short by the vision of her mouth opening around his thick cock. He thrust his hips up, making her take all of it in one gasp, and then he began to fuck her as he groaned.

“Don’t stop,” he growled, and it took me a few moments to realize he was talking to me. I grabbed her ass and pushed back inside her. I swear the tent vanished as we fucked, and I couldn’t stop to even think about what was happening. I fucked her as she sucked his cock, and not once did he let go of her hand, her tiny fingers buried so deep in his mouth I thought he might gag on them.

“I want you to fuck me too Mr. B.,” she said, looking up for just one moment and I knew it was done. “Please, I want this cock too.”

I grabbed her hips even as he pushed her head back down around him. I pushed deeply inside her as I started to come, and he didn’t let her go for an instant. I could hear her choking even as she clenched around me, and he thrust his hips faster as he used her mouth by one hand in her hair. He finally let go of her fingers and bit his lip, closing his eyes as he came too.

I rolled back and looked up at the roof of the tent, wondering what the fuck had just happened, but they weren’t done. His hands were all over her, and someone they both managed to get her clothes off in the darkness.

“Come here,” he demanded, and I rolled back to her side as his hands slid up and down her naked body. “Kiss her again, and touch her. Let me watch you two freaks until I’m hard again.”

“Are you serious?” She asked, opening her legs to my fingers one more time.

“Why do you think I offered to watch you two?” he said, his hand on his cock as he watched me kiss her neck and her chin.

“To keep us from doing anything stupid?” I asked looking up as he crawled between her legs. She looked down, her eyes open wide as he rubbed against her, his cock nearly hard once more.

“Yeah, that was it,” he said. “To keep an eye on you two. To make sure nothing happened.”

“You’re not doing a good job of it,” she said, reaching down and taking him in her hand.

“No,” he said, plunging into her waiting cunt. “I’m really not.”

Amateur Erotic Photography (for better or worse)

I grew up with a dad who was a professional photographer, and while he taught me quite a bit, I’ve always been nervous about my own photos. Maybe it’s a lot to compare myself to, and maybe it’s simply been a matter of my own nerves. But I do love taking photos, and I have for as long as I can remember.

As the camera on my phone has gotten better which each new addition, I’ve started taking more and more photos, some of which have been known to be a bit dirty. And since I have a partner now who likes to be photographed and is comfortable sharing those images with the world, it’s been a pretty fun addition to our time together.

I’ve shared some of them over at Quickies New York, so I thought I’d share a few here as well. Hope you enjoy.

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All photos are copyright Guy New York.

A Not-So-Secret Fetish: Erotica from QNY


My first girlfriend in college told everyone the secret that I had only told her.

Drunk and in bed one night, I confessed to her that the thought of going down on her after she had been fucked by someone else turned me on. At the time she played along, she even seemed to enjoy the fantasy, but three days later it was suddenly clear that the cat was out of the bag.

Our guy friends called me all sorts of names that don’t bear repeating and our girlfriends simply shook their heads and occasionally muttered the word gross under their breath. I put up with the teasing, climbing into my shell a bit deeper, and promised never to share anything that personal again. It was just a silly fantasy, but that didn’t seem to matter because suddenly I was the weird one with a fetish.

But after a little while, I began to notice that the shaking heads started to come with a raised eyebrow of curiosity, and less than a week after the story spread things began to change. Tina was the first, and I’ll never forget the morning she knocked on my door just ten minutes after my girlfriend left for class. She fidgeted as she stood next to my bed, and she mumbled something about her own boyfriend.

“Sorry, what did you say?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I was lying in bed covered by just a light blanket, underneath which I was naked as a winter morning.

“My boyfriend just went to class too,” she said one more time. “But we had some pretty hot sex first. I mean, it was short but still pretty okay.”

“That, um, sounds good?” I said, trying to get at her meaning.

“He never lasts long when we don’t use a condom,” she said, still dancing back and forth between her feet.

“Oh, right, yes,” I said, nodding slowly. “I guess that makes sense. That definitely happens.”

“So, like, was your girlfriend serious about you? I mean, was she lying? Like, do you really…”

“Oh, you mean about the thing?” I asked, wondering if we were really having that conversation.

“Yeah,” she said, standing closer to the bed as her hands moved down to the buttons on her jeans. “I mean, cause he just left, and so it’s all sort of weird but, I’m just saying that if you want to, it might be nice. He was too quick for me to, you know, for me to… for me to come as well.”

“Oh yeah, I see what you mean,” I said nodding faster. “Yeah, sure, I would totally be up for that.”

And then before our painfully awkward conversation could grow more painful and more awkward, Tina fumbled with her jeans as she pulled them off, and then took off her panties as well before standing in front of me in just a blue sweatshirt and green socks. I reached out and tentatively touched the back of her leg as she climbed up onto the bed, straddling me awkwardly.

“So, maybe I can just move up a bit… Sort of like that… I think this is right? Hold on, let me just move my foot…”

And then she was above me, her thighs around my ears and I stopped talking and thinking as I opened my mouth on her. She made a muffled moan as my tongue entered her, but then she was pushing down harder as she grabbed my hair while I ate her recently fucked pussy right there on my dorm room bed.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” she said, as I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, tasting her and her boyfriend as I practically drowned beneath her. I hadn’t lied, though, and it wasn’t just a flight of fancy, so I ate her as best I could with all the enthusiasm of someone getting exactly what they wanted for the first time in their life.

She stayed there, perched on my face for close to twenty minutes, and she came four times. When she finally climbed off of me it was with a friendly nod, a smile, and a thank you as she hurriedly pulled her clothes back on. We hadn’t kissed, hell I hadn’t even seen her with her shirt off, but maybe it didn’t matter. Tina waved goodbye as she picked up her backpack, and I was left alone in my bed with a giant erection poking through the thin blanket.

Two days later, Maggie grabbed me as I was walking by her room, and she was more direct.

“Tina told me what happened. Marco just left, so if you want to do me too I’m all ready. It was a lot, though. Just to warn you.”

I had her on her back a second later, and while it didn’t last quite as long as with Tina it was louder, more frantic, and definitely a whole lot messier. She held my head in place as she clenched her thighs around me and she kept whispering at me aggressively.

“Eat my filthy fucked pussy,” she said over and over again until it began to sound almost like a mantra.

Susan, Mariko, and Rebecca all followed quickly behind, and for a week I moved up and down the hall of my dorm, stopping in every other room sometimes twice a day. The guys all bragged about how much pussy they were getting, and if anyone had told my girlfriend she was being uncharacteristically silent.

It wasn’t until late one Friday evening as I was coming back to my room that the shit hit the fan. Four guys caught me by the back entrance to the dorm where they pile the garbage near the loading dock. I didn’t realize what was happening until the first one pushed me so hard that I fell, and then the yelling and the accusations began.

“We know what you’re doing with our girls, you little faggot. And we don’t fucking like it, you perv.”

“Well maybe if you made them come once in awhile, they wouldn’t have to come to me,” I said, my voice thankfully not cracking in the middle.

I didn’t stand a chance as they kicked me and pushed me back down every time I tried to get up. Luckily for me, they were pretty scared of getting caught by someone walking by, so I was left with just one broken rib, a hell of a black eye, a swollen lip, and some minor scratches and bruises everywhere else.

I let the nurse at the school medical office put a few bandaids on me along with some bacitracin and an ice pack for my eye, but I wouldn’t tell her what had happened. There was no point, and besides, I didn’t need the whole story getting out again.

I stayed in my room for three days, cutting classes, ignoring my phone, and not letting anyone in, including my girlfriend. I hurt all over, but more importantly, my days as the hall pussy eating gigolo had been cut short when I had just been starting to really get into it. The girls were nice, I made them come, and they never made fun of me at all. But it was a dream, and even then I knew that dreams didn’t last.

On the third day, Tina came to the door and convinced me to let her in. She brought along Maggie and Susan as well, and they crowded around me as they looked at all my bruises with sad eyes full of guilt.

“It’s not your fault,” I said, trying to smile in a way that didn’t hurt.

“You didn’t deserve it anyway,” Susan said, leaning in and kissing my swollen eye. “We want to make it up to you.”

I watched, somewhat in awe, as the three girls undressed, this time losing their tops as well until all of them were on my bed in nothing but their hair ties and glasses. They pulled the sheets back, and for the first time in as long as I could remember I let someone take care of me. They kissed me up and down, being careful with the damaged bits and friendly with the naughty ones. Each girl took a turn sucking my dick as I watched in awe and adoration. After nearly two weeks of me doing just one thing, it was a new sensation.

Maggie was the first to climb onto me and let me fuck her, and the other two girls kissed me gently as she rode my cock nice and slowly. They whispered how sweet I was into my ear as their friend rolled her hips, and there were tears in my eyes by the time she started to come. Susan went next and then Tina, both of them taking me inside them with a smile and a laugh.

“Let’s give my boyfriend another surprise,” she said, as I started to tense and warn her about my upcoming release. “Keep fucking me and don’t stop until you’re done. This is all for you.”

I came harder than I had in a long time, and the girls collapsed onto me with kisses and laughter, telling me how sweet I had been and what a nice guy I was. I wasn’t sure how that all fit in with the big picture, but it sure felt good at the time.

After that, we mostly stuck to ourselves, and I went back to my normal life of school, friends, and only the occasional morning visit from one of my hall mates. They never told my girlfriend, and so we continued on for another month or two before she left me for a guy named Ricky who was a junior and a philosophy major. He had a goatee, but she said it looked good on him.

I didn’t mind being alone, especially going into that first Christmas break, but it was still an emotional visit home all the same. I found that I missed Tina’s laugh and her constant struggle to get out of her jeans without falling over. I missed Maggie’s expensive sheets and her grunts and moans as she held me more tightly than any of the others. And I missed Susan’s freckles and her pussy. But I sat through dinners and presents, and if I lay awake each night thinking about them, then that was okay too.

In fact, maybe it was even better than okay. Maybe missing them for a thousand different reasons was the nicest, sweetest, most tender thing I would ever do. At least until the next semester started.

Marilyn Minter at the Brooklyn Musuem

Saturday morning we went down to the Brooklyn Museum, and we were lucky to catch the Marilyn Minter show Pretty/Dirty up on the 5th floor. It’s a pretty stunning look at her work, and while I’m sure you recognize some of these images, when you see them twelve feet high in person it’s a completely different experience.

Here’s how the Museum describes the exhibit, but if you get a chance you should stop by and see it for yourself:

“Spanning more than four decades, the exhibition begins with the artist’s earliest artworks, from 1969 through 1986, including rarely exhibited photographs as well as paintings incorporating photorealist and Pop art techniques. It continues with works from the late 1980s and 1990s that examine visual pleasure in visceral depictions of food and sex. The exhibition culminates in Minter’s ongoing investigation of how the beauty industry expertly creates and manipulates desire through images.”

Read more at the Brooklyn Museum site.

Here are a few of the images from the show:

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Erotica as Way to Learn


There’s a great article over at Feminism in India that’s worth checking out. The author shares some of her early experiences with erotica (as well as porn) and then interviewed 40 people about their interests, experiences, and thoughts about reading smut as opposed to watching it.

I don’t have much to add, so just head over and read it yourself!

From Alice and Henry, a work in progress

“What are you going to do with twenty paintings of a chubby Indian guy?” Raj asked one morning. It was still warm enough to be out on the patio, as summer lingered long into fall, and he stood tall, his pose firm and strong. It had been nearly ninety the first week of October, and he often retired to the pool when they were finished working. Alice sat by the side, dipping her feet in the water, but somehow never crossed that line with him. For the first time in ages, she didn’t want to break the spell that would surely come if she undressed. He was her model, she was the artist, and while they were friendly, he treated her with respect as a matter of course. She liked how she looked in his eyes.

“You’re not chubby, and I don’t know. It’s not like there’s anything to do with them out here anyway. Besides, I’ve painted over half of them.”

“Really? Are you saying my glorious nudity has been covered, never more to be seen?”

“I took pictures if you’re that curious,” she said, walking closer to him in the morning sun. His body was familiar now, but she always found something new to inspire her. Figures were endlessly fascinating and he was no exception. The fact that he was good company didn’t hurt either.

“What if I painted you?” he asked. She looked up at him, one eyebrow raised, and he simply smiled. “Or not. I just thought I’d offer.”

“I don’t think you’d like it,” she said, walking back to her easel. “I look different when I undress.”

“Don’t we all? I mean come on, all this glory is barely visible when I put my pants back on.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“You mean because you look young, and you think I’ll stop thinking of you as a woman and instead view you at a cute little teenage girl with no real thoughts in her head?”

Alice didn’t say anything, but she hid behind her canvas all the same. She continued painting in silence, unsure of how to respond. The thought of taking him up on his offer was confusing, to say the least. They had gotten to know each other well over their weeks together, and he was easy to be with. But as always, she knew exactly what would happen.

“Can I be blunt with you?” she finally asked.

“You always have been,” he said. “At least I’ve assumed that was you being blunt. But sure, go ahead. Blunt at me.”

“When I undress for men, I get one of two reactions: lust or horror. Occasionally the horror is simply that downgrade you just mentioned. It’s a more of a dismissal than anything else, but it’s there all the same. They’re horrified that I fooled them for so long, and suddenly they see the truth. And as for the lust, let’s just say that comes with its own complications.”

“There’s no middle ground?” Raj asked. “What about your husband. What does he see?”

“Henry is a special case. Why do you think I married him? But also, he’s known me since I was nineteen. It’s one thing to be in college and look young. It was more manageable back then, for both of us I think. But at forty? It’s a different game.”

“Which do you prefer? The lust or the horror?”

“I can’t answer that.”

“For what it’s worth, I’m a multifaceted kind of guy. I suspect I could feel a whole bunch of things all at the same time, but I’m also perfectly capable of keeping my thoughts to myself. You’re a beautiful woman and I’d love to paint you. It’s not about anything else.”

Alice stepped forward once more, and this time moved closer to him. There was a warm breeze blowing through the screen, and the sun still lingered on his left side, splitting him in half perfectly. Standing directly in front of him, she looked him up and down as he did the same thing to her. Toying with the straps to her sun dress, Alice was unsure of what she wanted. And there was something glorious about that. Confusion, desire, and fear all mixed together into a delicious cocktail.

“If I took this off…” she began, letting the straps slide off her shoulders. He eyed her carefully, curiosity thick on his brow, even when she stopped before revealing too much. He shivered in the sun, and then strangely shifted his pose for just a moment. As she stood in front of him, her clothes clinging to her skin, she watched as he began to grow hard in front of her. He stopped moving, and with a sigh, simply stood still as the blood slowly filled his cock until he was fully erect. His breath was quick, but he said nothing.

Alice walked backward to her canvas and began to paint once more. The silence filled the air between them, and sweat coated their skin. She could feel the perspiration between her breasts and see it glistening on his body. Her hand moved quicker and quicker, unwilling to let the moment pass. She had rarely seen a model react this way before, and there was something pleasant about painting a man in a state of arousal. Each time she looked back at him she expected it to retreat, and yet there he remained, naked and hard in front of her. It was close to ten minutes before she put her brush down, her painting finished before her, less clear, more alive, and strangely more beautiful than anything she had done in a very long time.

“You can rest,” she said.

“That’s never happened before,” he said, picking up his towel and swinging it over his shoulder. He never bothered with a suit, and most often went from posing directly into the pool. It would have been foolish to dress, but now, even as he slowly began to grow soft, it was awkward to say the last.

“It’s not a big deal,” she said, hoping she hadn’t ruined anything.

“I suppose we know how I’d respond,” he said, stepping closer to her.

“How do you mean?”

“If you undressed for me,” he said in nearly a whisper. “If that was just a strap off your shoulder, I can’t imagine what would have happened if you had taken it all the way off.”

“It might be hard to paint that way,” she said looking down. He grinned as he pushed past her.

“I’d manage,” he said before walking to the edge of the pool. He looked back at her once more before diving in, his less than graceful splash soaking the concrete with heavy drops. Alice stood for a long time watching him swim, finding his movement just as beautiful as his stillness. She wondered how much of his reaction had been watching her or imaging something else. Not someone else, but possibly the follow through and then some. How much of his response was a fantasy to which she had no access?

Leaning against the door frame, she stared at him. It was easy to get involved in other people’s reactions to her, but it was sometimes still a challenge for Alice to figure out what she wanted. Watching him swim stirred her thoughts, though, and when she looked back at her painting, his cock blatantly erect, it stirred her even more. She closed her eyes and let it all come for just a moment. His hands, his mouth, his lips, they all played their role. And with her eyes glued to the painting, she carefully lifted her dress and slipped one hand inside her underwear. Staring at him, nude and excited on the canvas, she slipped one finger inside herself, instantly feeling the wetness she knew had been there all morning.

This was one canvas she was not going to paint over.

Merry Christmas and New Erotica

Hi lovely people! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, are enjoying your Hanukkah, and are gearing up for New Years. It’s been a hell of a year, and smarter people than me have written about it.

But December was a busy month for me, including the publishing of a new book The Queen’s Gentleman (see below), and a whole bunch of new short stories up on Quickies New York my erotica blog over on Tumblr.

If you haven’t check them out, pop over for a visit by clicking the picture below. I’ve also found some delightful new photographers along with some old favorites.

Thanks again for visiting and I wish you the very happiest of holidays.